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15 April

Highland soldier in government service

15 April 1644: James Graham, Earl of Montrose and his force of English Royalists seize the town of Dumfries. He would be forced to withdraw back to England on 20 April in the face of a Covenanter advance led by James Livingston, Earl of Callendar.

15 April 1746: Jacobite forces under George Mackenzie, Earl of Cromartie were defeated by government highlanders at Littleferry in Sutherland. Cromartie’s defeat prevented his force from linking up with Charles Edward Stuart’s army at Culloden.

15 April 1746: The Duke of Cumberland’s army remained at Nairn for his 25th birthday. Extra allowances were given to the troops for the occasion.

15 April 1746: The Jacobite army set off from Culloden to launch a surprise night attack on Cumberland’s camp at Nairn. The attack was called off a few miles from the objective and the exhausted Jacobites returned to Culloden.


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