Tuesday, 10 November, 2020


Roman Forts in Scotland

roman forts
Scotland can boast of a great many Roman forts, though unfortunately few now have upstanding remains. Often all that can be seen...

The Tribes of Ancient Scotland

ancient scotland
Authors note: Before we proceed, we would like to offer a quick explanation of the title of this article and the thoughts driving...

The Disappearance of the Ninth Legion

ninth legion
Pick up a paper or read a web article which makes mention of the mysterious disappearance of the Roman Ninth Legion -...

The Siege of Blair Castle

siege of blair castle
On the 17th March 1746, a Jacobite force under the command of Lord George Murray began the siege of Blair Castle in...


Bochastle Roman Fort

The Roman fort at Bochastle, just outside Callander, is situated on the south bank of Garbh Uisge (River Leny) and was established...

Soldier’s Leap in the Pass of Killiecrankie

In the evening of the 27th July 1689, Donald McBane, a Scottish government soldier fleeing the Battle of Killiecrankie, is said to...

Lochranza Castle

lochranza castle
The ruins of Lochranza castle stands on the shores of Loch Ranza at the north end of the Isle of Arran and...