Balfour Stone at Killiecrankie

The Balfour Stone in the Pass of Killiecrankie supposedly marks the grave and the spot where Brigadier Barthold Balfour was killed while trying to rally Scottish government troops fleeing...




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The Sea Kings

The archipelagic kingdoms of Man and the Isles that flourished from the last quarter of the eleventh century down to the middle of the...

Industry, Reform and Empire

From the death of James III to the execution of Mary, Queen of Scots, Jane Dawson tells story of Scotland from the perspective of...

Union and Revolution

A provocative new account of Scotland's history across a century of revolution and political instability. This edition in the New History of Scotland series...

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General George Wade

George Wade was born in 1673 in Killavalley, Westmeath, Ireland, and is best remembered as the father of the military road-building programme that he...

Lord Lovat’s memorial to George I

THE Highlands of Scotland, being a country very mountainous, and almost inaccessible to any but the inhabitants thereof, whose language and dress are entirely...

Hugh Mackay of Scourie

Hugh Mackay of Scourie was born c.1640 and is best remembered for commanding Scottish government forces at the battle of Killiecrankie in 1689.