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NTS opposes proposed development at Bannockburn Battlefield

The National Trust for Scotland is calling for the Scottish Government to intervene to stop a new development on the Bannockburn Battlefield

The National Trust for Scotland (NTS) has sent a letter objecting to the construction of a trotting track on the area located west of New Line Road and south of Fairhill Road at the Whins of Milton site, which is part of the nationally designated Battlefield of Bannockburn.

NTS is concerned that this development could cause additional harm to the historically significant landscape and surroundings of the battlefield, which is one of the most important locations in Scotland’s history.

The letter submitted to Stirling Council’s planning department strongly objects to this planning application due to its adverse effect on the nationally and internationally important heritage site of the nationally designated Battlefield of Bannockburn, the A-listed monuments on the site and the visitor experience.

NTS has managed Bannockburn Battlefield since 1943, and the Bannockburn visitor centre currently draws in thousands of national and international visitors and dedicated school visits.

NTS has stated that the proposed development not only jeopardizes internationally significant heritage but also threatens to alter the experience of the site for current and future generations.

Stuart Brooks, the Trust’s Director of Conservation & Policy said: “We are extremely disappointed that Stirling Council planning department is considering the proposal for a trotting track at the Whins of Milton site on the nationally designated Battlefield of Bannockburn, and in the single remaining fragment that allows us to understand how the battle unfolded. We are calling for the Scottish Government to pull this planning application to ensure the future of this historic battlefield for the benefit of future generations.”

“The location of the proposed development at Whins of Milton is in the vicinity of where Bruce’s army faced off against the vanguard of Edward’s army on the first day of the battle. It is close to Foot o Green Farm, where the famous duel between Bruce and De Bohun is said to have taken place. Milton Bog formed a defensive screen for the western flank of Bruce’s army on Borestone Brae that would’ve assisted the Scotsmen in securing victory against Edward and his men.”

“Over previous decades, much of the historic setting has been lost, and we are deeply concerned about any new development that would encroach on this and further erode and degrade this iconic landscape. We are calling for the Scottish Government to step in and save Bannockburn Battlefield from this proposal to ensure the longevity of a site steeped in Scottish history.”

The Trust’s specific grounds for objection include the impact on the designated historic battlefield, the visual impact, transport impact, and noise pollution.

Neil Ritchie
Neil Ritchie
Neil Ritchie is the founder and editor of Neil has a keen interest in the military history of Scotland and in particular the military history of the Jacobite risings. He is also the editor of other online publications covering military history, defence and security.

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