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The death of Saint Kessog

On this day in Scottish History

On 10th March 520, Saint Kessog (born c.460 Cashel, Tipperary, Ireland), an Irish missionary and the original patron saint of Scotland, is killed at Bandry, on the western shore of Loch Lomond.

His headquarters for spreading Christianity in the Lennox and Loch Lomond area is thought to have been Monks’ Island (Inchtavannach) on Loch Lomond. His name was used as a war-cry for the Scots of Dál Riata; Saint Kessog is often depicted in battledress armed with a bow.

The circumstances surrounding his death are unclear but it is possible that he was killed by a group of brigands or mercenaries.

The Church of Scotland Luss Parish Church is dedicated to Saint Kessog and stands on the site of a church founded by St Kessog in 510. In 2010 the church celebrated 1500 years of worship.

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