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Birth of James II

On 16 October 1430, King James II was born. James ascended to the throne at the tender age of six. Despite enduring a distressing childhood under the manipulation of various conniving nobles and regents, James assumed control of the nation at the age of nineteen.

Through a fortuitous marriage, he solidified his position as a resolute and self-assured ruler. His wife, Mary of Gueldres, hailed from a cultured and affluent family in Flanders, possessing both intellect and wisdom.

Their union produced three robust offspring, and it is undeniable that her influence played a role in James’s ability to confront the numerous troublesome nobles, particularly the formidable “black Douglas” family, in a resolute manner.

James exhibited astute political acumen, forging alliances and unyieldingly suppressing those who dared to oppose him, as was indispensable for effective governance. Regrettably, James’s fascination with artillery ultimately led to his untimely demise, as he perished at the age of thirty during a siege when a cannon detonated.

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