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26 March

26 March 1296: The First War of Scottish Independence began with a Scottish attack on Carlisle. John ‘The Red’ Comyn, Lord of Badenoch led the Scottish army and attempted to seize Carlisle Castle which was held by Robert de Brus, 6th Lord of Annandale (father of Robert the Bruce). Lacking siege equipment Comyn abandoned the attempt and burned Carlisle to the ground before committing widespread atrocities across the north of England. This action would provoke the ire of Edward I of England who would retaliate with the sacking of Berwick on 30 March 1296.

26 March 1746: Government highlanders from Lord Loudoun’s 64th Highland Regiment and the Independent Highland Companies attacked the soldiers and sailors from the French ship Le Prince Charles (formerly HMS Hazard) who were bringing money and supplies for the Jacobite army ashore near Tongue. Around a dozen Frenchmen were killed and over 150 were taken prisoner. The vessel was destined for Inverness, however, Royal Navy warships forced it into the Kyle of Tongue. Along with arms and supplies, the ship was carrying £12,000, some of which was distributed among the government highlanders.


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