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Culloden battlefield virtual tours

The Battle of Culloden was the final confrontation of the Jacobite Rising of 1745-46. The battle took place on April 16, 1746, on Drumossie Moor near Inverness, and resulted in a decisive victory for the British government forces over the Jacobite army loyal to Charles Edward Stuart, also known as Bonnie Prince Charlie. The battle was a turning point in Scottish history, as it marked the end of the Highland clan system and paved the way for more centralised control from London.

But what if you could visit the battlefield and see it for yourself? What if you could walk around the moor and learn about the events that led up to the battle, the tactics and weapons used by both sides, and the aftermath and legacy of this historic clash? What if you could do all this without leaving your home?

Thanks to modern technology and innovative partnerships, this is now possible. You can take a virtual tour of Culloden Battlefield with one of these options:

  • The National Trust for Scotland released a free virtual tour of Culloden Battlefield for the 275th anniversary. The Battle of Culloden: The Jacobites’ Last Stand is a virtual 360 degree visit around the battlefield produced in partnership with Your Tour, the Trust and with funding from Innovate UK. You can access it online or download it as an app on your smartphone or tablet. You can explore different locations on the moor, such as Leanach Cottage, Cumberland’s Stone or Clan Fraser’s Grave. You can also listen to audio clips that explain what happened at each spot and how it affected the outcome of the battle.
  • The Culloden Experience Virtual Tour is a live-guided virtual visit that costs £17.50 per device. It is held in a private meeting on Zoom with one of their official tour guides who will walk you around the moor in ultra-immersive 360° video – as if you were really there. You can ask questions along the way and interact with other participants. The tour lasts about an hour and covers topics such as the background of the Jacobite Rising, why Culloden was chosen as a battleground, how both armies prepared for combat, what happened during and after the battle, and why Culloden still matters today.

Culloden Virtual Tours are a great way to experience history in a new way. They offer you an opportunity to learn more about this important chapter in Scottish history while enjoying stunning views of the landscape. They also help preserve this heritage site for future generations by reducing its environmental impact.

Whether you choose one or more of these options, you will surely have an unforgettable experience that will enrich your understanding and appreciation of Culloden Battlefield.

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