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2 April

2 April 1572: Dumbarton Castle which was held by a garrison loyal to Mary, Queen of Scots was seized by supporters of James VI during the Marian Civil War.

2 April 1746: While in camp at Aberdeen, the Duke of Cumberland instructed his battalion commanders to begin training on a modified platoon firing drill which was designed to inflict maximum damage to an oncoming highland charge. Contrary to popular belief he did not introduce a new bayonet drill.

2 April 1916: German Navy Zeppelin airships L14 and L22, made a raid against the naval base at Rosyth and the Forth Rail Bridge. Unable to locate the targets, L14 dropped 23 bombs on Leith and the City of Edinburgh, killing 13 people and injuring over 30. The whisky bond warehouse of Innes & Grieve took a direct hit which destroyed the building and sent whisky pouring into the street. Anti-aircraft guns on Arthur’s Seat forced the airships away.


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