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On this day in Scottish History

Battle of Roslin

On the 24th February 1303, at the Battle of Roslin, south of Edinburgh, a Scottish force under the command of John 'the Red' Comyn,...

Orkney and Shetland are formally annexed to Scotland

On 20th February 1472, Orkney and Shetland officially became part of Scotland. The islands were offered up as security for the dowry of Princess...

The Execution of James Renwick

On 17th February 1688, Presbyterian minister James Renwick was hanged in Edinburgh’s Grassmarket. He would be the last Covenanter to be publicly executed. James Renwick...


The Protectorate Citadel of Ayr

In 1652 following military defeat and the declaration of a Commonwealth between England and Scotland, English occupation forces began the construction of fortified posts...