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Volunteers sought for NLS map transcription projects

Over the next few months the National Library of Scotland (NLS) is looking for volunteers to help with a set of new collaborative projects to transcribe features and text from maps.

NLS is hoping to gather all of the placenames from the Roy Military Survey maps of Scotland (1747-55), trace footpaths from Ordnance Survey six-inch to the mile maps of Scotland (ca.1900s), and gather text from Ordnance Survey 25 inch to the mile mapping of Edinburgh. The results will be released as open datasets for onward use, allowing new place-name search possibilities, helping research into the history of footpaths to safeguard rights of way today, and assisting with automatic text recognition from historic maps.

  • Volunteers are sought for a collaborative online project to transcribe all of the text on the Ordnance Survey’s 25-inch to the mile mapping for Edinburgh (1890s).
  • Volunteers are sought to trace the routes of footpaths from the Ordnance Survey’s 6-inch to the mile maps dated around 1900.
  • Volunteers are sought for a collaborative online project to transcribe all of the placenames on the Roy Military Survey of Scotland maps (1747- 1755).

For further details, and to register an interest, please visit their New Map Transcription Projects page.

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