The Jacobites: Britain and Europe, 1688-1788 (2nd Edition)

Book Description:

The product of forty years of research by one of the foremost historians of Jacobitism, this book is a comprehensive revision of Professor Szechi’s popular 1994 survey of the Jacobite movement in the British Isles and Europe.

Like the first edition, it is undergraduate-friendly, providing an enhanced chronology, a convenient introduction to the historiography and a narrative of the history of Jacobitism, alongside topics specifically designed to engage student interest. This includes Jacobitism as a uniting force among the pirates of the Caribbean and as a key element in sustaining Irish peasant resistance to English colonial rule.

As the only comprehensive introduction to the field, the book will be essential reading for all those interested in early modern British and European politics.

Daniel Szechi is Emeritus Professor in Early Modern History at the University of Manchester

Author: Daniel Szechi

Publisher: Manchester University Press

Published: April 2019

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